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Pharma Nord products has been nominated in three prestigious categories in “Swedish Health Awards 2017”, the great gala for health and lifestyle that will be held in Stockholm 9-11th of November. The gala is the inauguration of a popular lifestyle fair in Stockholm. The gala and the fair are expected to be the biggest health event in Sweden this year with nearly 30,000 health interested visitors.


Bio-Qinon Q10 Gold is nominated in the cathegory "Energy Boost of the Year" with the motivation:

"Give your cells power to work. With Bio-Qinon, you make sure that the cells can benefit the nutrients from the food and transform them into energy. Also, you help your vital organs to function normally. In addition, you get more energy to do hard physical work and with rising age."


SelenoQ10 is nominated in the category "Heart Product of the Year" with the motivation:

"An important cardiac health product that both strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of cardiac problems, with proven effect. The original KiSel-10 product. KiSel-10 is the official name of a study, conducted in Sweden, that analyzes the effects of selenium- and Q10-supplements. KiSel-10 is an abbreviation for Kisa + Selen + Q10."


Bio-Biloba has been nominated in the category "Senior Product of the Year" with the motivation:

"For the treatment of long-term symptoms in elderly people such as memory problems, concentration problems, dizziness, ringing in the ears and tiredness, after a doctor has excluded other serious diseases."


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