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    Riboflavin | Vitamin B2 and yellow dye

    Riboflavin is a naturally occurring, water-soluble B vitamin (vitamin B2). Riboflavin is found naturally in many foods but is also used as a colouring agent in food and food supplements, where it has E number 101. Riboflavin has a distinctive yellow colour and it fluoresce's when exposed to ultraviolet light. However, riboflavin is degraded by both ultraviolet and visible light, so food supplements coloured with riboflavin should be protected from light.

    Riboflavin may be added to all foods that are permitted to contain colouring agents without any quantitative restriction.

    Pharma Nord riboflavin is of natural origin. It is produced in a fermentation process (bacteria). In its capacity as a colouring agent, riboflavin is added to avoid confusion between tablets that look alike.