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The Secrets of CoQ10 Absorption

You know what coenzyme Q10 is and that it is a vital component for the body's energy production, but can you answer the following questions: How is it absorbed? What research has been done?

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The Original CoQ10 Product That Started It All

Also regarding CoQ10: quality does matter. Documented quality is much more reassuring than claimed quality. Getting the higher-priced, better-documented supplement will most likely be the least expensive supplement in terms of your heart health.

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Avoid an Unstable Blood Sugar

Research has linked the trace mineral chromium closely to the function of insulin. The European Food Safety Authority has concluded that chromium can balance blood sugar and that chromium yeast shows the best bioavailability.

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Research Documents Effective Products

Pharma Nord is one of the relatively few companies that invests in research in its own products. To date, more than 300 scientific studies have been published with Pharma Nord's products.

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