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    Sorbitol | Tooth-friendly colorless sweetener

    Sorbitol with E-number 420 is a tooth-friendly, colourless, crystalline sweetener that sweeten just over half as much (60%) as regular sugar. It is produced by the hydrogenation of glucose, a process in which hydrogen is added to the sugar. Bacteria in the mouth do not break down sorbitol into acid and therefore do not cause tooth decay.

    Pharma Nord uses sorbitol to improve taste and in some cases as a moisturiser. There is no legal restriction on how much can be consumed, but products containing more than 10% sorbitol should be warned that it can have a laxative effect. However, such a warning is not applicable to Pharma Nord's products.

    Large amounts (>20g) consumed at once may cause diarrhoea. The carbohydrate content of Bio-Calcium+D+K is approximately 1/8g per tablet.

    Sorbitol occurs naturally in a wide range of fruits such as rowanberries, cherries, apples, pears, peaches and plums.