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    Chromium, another Key to Blood Sugar Control

    Controlling your blood sugar is not just a matter about insulin and your eating habits. There is another key to this intricate system. This key is chromium. Chromium is a vital trace element in regards to blood sugar control, but it has a low bioavailability. This places great demands on dietary supplements with chromium.

    The hormone insulin is a well known factor in the body's control of blood glucose. Insulin is produced by special cells in the pancreas in response to blood levels of glucose from our food. Insulin's job is to remove glucose – also called blood sugar – from the blood and let it into the cells that use glucose as their energy source.

    In this way insulin is a key that unlocks the door for glucose to enter the cells. However, this door requires both keys to be opened – insulin on the outside and chromium on the inside.

    Thus, we have insulin on the outside of the cell and chromium on the inside, where it forms part of a complex of amino acids called chromodulin or GTF, practically the same thing.

    The more sugar we have in the blood stream, the more we need insulin and chromium.

    About Bio-Chromium
    Bio-Chromium is a chromium yeast with superior bioavailability approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which after several years of scientific research and analysis concluded that ChromoPrecise, which is the active ingredient in Bio-Chromium, is 10 times more absorbable than chromium chloride, and that ChromoPrecise is a safe supplement.

    Bio-Chromium and Yeast
    ChromoPrecise tablets do not contain live, prolific yeast cells, but consist of a chromium-containing protein-rich powder made from yeast cells. Due to its superior absorbability, ChromoPrecise is recommended for all those, who may benefit from taking chromium supplementation. Only persons, who are allergic to yeast, should look for a different source of chromium.

    Today, products containing chromium yeast are not allowed for sale in Europe, unless the manufacturer is able to meet exact specifications and requirements. ChromoPrecise does adhere to and has passed all corresponding European and US requirements for products containing chromium yeast.

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